London Landing

Welcome to London Landing


What you should know about our London Landing location

What are the operating hours and fees?

London Landing operates 8:00 - 4:30, Monday through Friday.

This location is currently a part of the $10/day child care program.  Monthly tuition fees are 200.00 / month for full time care.

What is a Parent Participation Program?

Parent Participation Programs are different than other daycares or preschools, because our parents are directly involved.

Parents have the opportunity to be with their child once each month in the classroom during their mandatory volunteering shifts. Parents participate in the administration of their child’s daycare by working on parent subcommittees that support the program operation, such as helping with registration and enrolment; supporting HR, recruitment and retention;  managing parent volunteer schedules; helping with making playboy or filing art work; updating classroom calendars; or managing our parent social media.

Like all parent participation programs, we offer free parenting education workshops throughout the year.

What age does my child need to be to join London Landing?

London Landing offers an infant-toddler program, with one infant classroom and one toddler classroom, for children ages 12 - 36 months.

Each year, children who are aging out of this program are given priority registration at one of our 3-5 year old programs. Children may graduate into one of the 3-5 programs in July, August or September each year.

This program is currently fully registered and is currently accepting wait-list applications only.


I have more questions…

Almost all of your questions can likely be answered by reading our extensive FAQ document.

I want to register my child, can I have a tour?

If you are looking to register for the 2024/2025 school year, please join our waitlist.

You can view our virtual tour of London Landing by clicking here.