Alderwood Southlands, located in Vancouver in the Dunbar-Southlands neighbourhood, is our only group multi-age program.

We are located in a residential neighbourhood, across from the Musqueam Trail: with walking access to Pacific Rim, the Sto:lo / Fraser River, and the Musqueam-Southlands trail system.

We have onsite access to a large outdoor playspace and gardens. Currently operating as a multi-age program, our class size is 8 students with 1 full time Educator and 1 part time support Educator.

This program is currently fully registered and accepting wait-list applications only. Please note that as a small multi-age program, these spaces are highly in demand and typically only 1 or 2 spaces may come available each year.

What are your fees?

You can view our fees and volunteer requirements by viewing our fees document.

I have more questions...

Almost all of your questions can likely be answered by reading our extensive FAQ document.

I want to register my child, can I have a tour?

If you are looking to register for the 2023/2024 school year, please join our waitlist.

For a virtual tour of our Southlands location, follow this link.