Autism Support Services

Autism Support Services

While B.C. Currently has some financial supports available for autistic children, the services are limited, sporadic and often inadequate for child needs.  This is particularly true when it comes to children seeking a diagnosis and for children with a diagnosis who are over the age of 6.

Families often face barriers in arranging to legally pay their home teams using AFU funding - while the AFU program provides some limited funds for families to choose their home support team, the administrative support for paying Behaviour Interventionists is non-existent.

Further, the AFU funding for children over the age of 6 is inadequate to even begin to address the support and intervention needs that many families require.

SSOCC passionately believes in supporting and advocating for children with additional support needs.

In the communities we operate in, SSOCC is able to offer two support services for autistic children:


1) Administrative Funding Support - as a service provider, SSOCC can run payroll services for families, billing AFU and paying your BI’s regular paycheques every two weeks, remitting taxes as necessary.


2) If you are a family or daycamp/daycare provider who is seeking a support aide for your school-aged child to attend summer daycamp programs, we may be able to fund a support aide.  In 2024, we are able to offer this service to a limited number of programs in Richmond and Sooke; we hope to expand this service into more communities in the lower mainland and Vancouver island for the summer of 2025, as we build more partnerships with daycamp providers.  Every child should have a change to participate in summer camps!


Contact: [email protected] for more information about either of these services.