Steveston Society of Children’s Centres

The Steveston Society of Children’s Centres (SSOCC) was founded in 2018. We have a commitment to creating and delivering high-quality child care programs that are nature-based and focus on social-emotional learning.

Our Board

Our board of directors is made up of child care experts and parents from across the province:

2022/23 Board of Directors:

Amanda Worms

Cassandra Lopez

Jason Wu

Chris LeClerc

Our programs are parent participation programs. That means that parents have opportunities to volunteer in their child’s classroom, participate on sub-committees that contribute to the functioning of the classrooms and/or the society, or sit on the Executive Parent Advisory Board, where they can fulfill a more advisory role and guide the overall administration of our programs.

Strategic Plan

SSOCC’s strategic plan is viewable here.

Who we are

The Steveston Society of Children’s Centres is a not-for-profit organization operating in Richmond and Vancouver, BC. Our leadership team includes:

Margo Levae, Administrative manager

Arianne Tan, North River pedagogical lead

Caleb Ho, London toddlers pedagogical lead

Gurneel Kaur, Southlands pedagogical lead

Kayla Nelson, Sandpiper pedagogical lead

Endie Tompkins, London infants pedagogical lead

The SSOCC Board supports the Alderwood teaching team with our decades of not-for-profit and market-based child care operational experience, child and youth outreach work and, of course, parents who care about quality education.

SSOCC is committed to engaging in outdoor education, social-emotional learning and trauma-informed practice.

SSOCC recognizes the value of ECEs in a child and family’s life and continues advocacy efforts for ECEs in BC. SSOCC is proud to be a fair-wage employer, paying ECEs pay parity with the school district, offering competitive benefits and work conditions that address the need for mentorship, professional development and designated time for program planning, classroom prep, and pedagogical narration.